Double and Imperial usually mean the same thing for a beer, unless both of them are on the label at once! This monstrously strong version of 8-Wired’s iStout was brewed for the 11th anniversary of the stalwart imperial, and it is one BIG beer; slowly meandering out of the can as black and thick as treacle.  The aroma is surprisingly gentle, with toasted malt and coconut, milk chocolate and a thread of sweet spicy smoke.  Any suggestion of gentility is blown away on contact with the palate, as a wave of outrageous richness blasts across the tongue.  Starting with chocolate mud-cake and a dollop of triple chocolate icecream, then a rush of ripe stone fruit crests just before the bitterness takes hold and gradually eclipses the sweetness into the finish.  A towering monument of richness and excess.

Liberty Juice Bro Hazy Pale Ale

With more citrus than the marmalade factory, this new hazy pale ale (5.2 per cent ABV) from Liberty Brewing goes right to the top of my summer six-pack list.   Bursting with tangerine, mandarin and sweet passionfruit flavours — Joe and the team have taken the best...

Lakeman goes lakeside in Taupō

Lakeman brewery has put aside the idea of a farm-based taproom and opened a waterfront pub in Taupō, called Jimmy Coops — named for brewery owner James Cooper.

Wellington’s original craft brewpub turns 10

When it opened 10 years Fork & Brewer redefined the idea of a brewpub in Wellington, being the first in a wave of new establishments

Abandoned Hazy Pale Ale

Mark Gower has found a go-to summer fridge filler with Abandoned Brewery’s smashable hazy pale ale.

Panhead Sandman Hazy Pale Ale

Just released in six-packs, the strikingly packaged Sandman makes a new addition to the Panhead core range.  Super fresh and juicy aromas of pineapple, passionfruit and melon on the nose.  Delightfully refreshing on the palate, with more tropical and crisp white fruit...

Two shots and a pint: How the NZ beer industry joined the Covid health response

There are many ways to encourage Kiwis to embrace science and get vaccinated — but perhaps none quite as delicious and refreshing as these. Vera Alves reports In the “before times”, a beer label wasn’t a place where you’d expect to find a public health statement. But...