Bach Brewing Freebird Hazy IPA
Craig Cooper and the team at Steam Brewing have delivered a beauty of an East Coast IPA with Freebird (6.5 per cent ABV).  It pours thick, juicy and bright which speaks volumes for what’s ahead. When it comes to aroma, you can’t avoid the big grassy pine notes plus some sweet apricot and peach underneath adding to amazing experience. Drinking is the best part; the beer delivers strong bitterness throughout which is unusual these days as brewers try to make their beer more palatable to a wider audience.  Citra, Riwaka and Amarillo have been beautifully blended together and produced what I think I the best example of a East Coast Hazy IPA I’ve tasted in a longtime.   True beer lovers will enjoy this one so get onto it before they’re all gone!

Shining Peak Gung Ho! IPA

Shining Peak Gung Ho! Fresh Hop IPA sits firmly at the top of ‘Crafty’ Mark Gower’s fresh hop ratings for 2022.

Baylands Waifly 8 Fresh Hop IPA

Now in its eighth iteration, Baylands Waifly is a proven fresh hop classic and this year’s is one of the best

Parrotdog Bruce Hazy IPA

Parrotdog Bruce is everything you can hope for — nice upfront peach and tropical fruit flavours with a neat, dry finish.

Good George Cold IPA

For lager drinkers it could be way too hoppy, for IPA lovers it might be too light-bodied. But I’m starting to get Cold IPA.

Brothers Beer Modern Love West Coast IPA

Brothers Beer Modern Love IPA is one of the best showcases of focused citrus purity we’ve encountered this year. 

Hop Federation Green Limousine Fresh Hop IPA 

Each fresh hop season you cannot go wrong with Hop Federation Green Limousine IPA, says Tim Newman.