Brave Brewing Tigermilk

What I really like about Brave Brewing Co (and their beer) is that they keep things simple.  Their range features seven styles which easily cover the beer spectrum offering an option for all avid beer drinkers. Tigermilk IPA follows that mantra: its simple, packed full of flavour and the best part is … it’s bitter! The first sign that you are onto something great is when you pour from the bottle and greeted with a bright, light caramel coloured liquid that’s super-clean and yes … not hazy! Brave use a mixture of old and new school American hops which I believe is the secret to their success.  The new school hops add wonderful citrus and stone fruit flavours which are blended beautifully with some older US hop varieties giving the beer a nice balanced bitterness (something that’s missing in many of the beers you see on the shelves today).  The mouthfeel is light but slightly creamy which just adds more positivity to the drinking experience. Tigermilk is true to style and ticks all the boxes when it comes to a clean, simple IPA.  Earthy notes, low malts, med-strong aromas and plenty of well-balanced bitterness. I give this beer a solid 9/10 sitting firmly at the top of Crafty’s top 5 for 2021.  It’s re-ignited my love for old school IPAs, so stay tuned as I navigate my way through a few more cans in the coming months and share my experiences with you.

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