From ChinChiller, the production arm of Christchurch’s Brew Academy, this curiously-named pilsner refers to the Covid-19 elbow-handshake that was ubiquitous around the time it was first being brewed.  A battery of New Zealand hops (Wai-iti, Motueka, Pacifica, Riwaka) drives an absolutely gorgeous noble aroma.  Fresh cut hay, lime citrus, white grape and daphne with a big drizzle of clean maltiness.  More citrus and herbaceous notes on the palate, along with a big crunchy malt and gripping bitterness.  A remarkable balancing act of a pilsner that massively delivers on the both the hop and malt character, while keeping taut and thoroughly contained throughout. A deserving bronze medal winner at the recent Brewers Guild Awards.

Shining Peak Gung Ho! IPA

Shining Peak Gung Ho! Fresh Hop IPA sits firmly at the top of ‘Crafty’ Mark Gower’s fresh hop ratings for 2022.

Baylands Waifly 8 Fresh Hop IPA

Now in its eighth iteration, Baylands Waifly is a proven fresh hop classic and this year’s is one of the best

Parrotdog Bruce Hazy IPA

Parrotdog Bruce is everything you can hope for — nice upfront peach and tropical fruit flavours with a neat, dry finish.

Good George Cold IPA

For lager drinkers it could be way too hoppy, for IPA lovers it might be too light-bodied. But I’m starting to get Cold IPA.

Brothers Beer Modern Love West Coast IPA

Brothers Beer Modern Love IPA is one of the best showcases of focused citrus purity we’ve encountered this year. 

Hop Federation Green Limousine Fresh Hop IPA 

Each fresh hop season you cannot go wrong with Hop Federation Green Limousine IPA, says Tim Newman.