Garage Project 10
A big birthday requires a big beer and in this case Garage Project have delivered a monster! Fresh off their win at the 2021 NZ Beer Guild Awards, New Zealand’s Champion Large Brewery of the year has produced a triple hazy IPA celebrating 10 years in the brew game. The name says a lot about what’s in the can.  Ten different hop additions; no two the same. Cryo, incognito, hop oil extract and pellets added at different times throughout the brewing process from mash to ferment. To say this beer is complex is an understatement.  The use of 10 hops has added layers that really challenge my reviewing skills — but I’m up for it. Big fruity aromas smack you firmly in the face leaving you under no illusions of what’s to come. The first mouthful is a delight sending taste buds in all directions as I try to decipher what exactly is going on.   At 10% ABV the alcohol heat is present throughout the experience but as a beer lover I expect it when in the “Imperial Zone”. You have to be pretty bloody bold even taking on this this style of beer but as always Garage Project have come up trumps.  They’ve made the perfect beer to encompass all they have achieved over the past ten years. Happy Birthday Team GP!  Thank you for all you have done in the New Zealand brewing industry, you’re pioneers, leaders and most importantly continue to challenge the norm! Here’s to the next 10 years.

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