Garage Project may have a reputation as the frontrunners when it comes to modern releases, but they’re no strangers to the classic styles.  Even so, to see an ESB (5.5% ABV) of all things from GP was a surprise — and a welcome one.  Toasted biscuity malt with dried apricot and wet earth on the nose, followed by big crunchy malt with an orange citrus lift and dry, firmly bitter finish.  A distinctly New Zealand take on ESB that’s drier and more robustly bitter than the English model.  It’s excellent as it is, but I’d love to see what it could do on a hand-pull (as it was served at the Garage Project taproom last year), or even a nitro can.

Garage Project Louche Lips

Louche Lips is a 12.1% ABV barrel-aged, mixed ferment monster of an IPA from Garage Project’s Wild Workshop.

Sunshine Tiramisu Stout

Part of Sunshine Brewing’s continuing Eclipse series of dark beers, this one is brewed with vanilla, cold brew coffee and cacao. 

Emerson’s Weissbier

Emerson’s Weissbier is lots of banana and spice: it’s hugely flavoursome for only 5% ABV and absolutely classic to the Hefeweizen style. 

The Theoretical Brewer Mad Hatter Hazy Pale Ale

The Theoretical Brewer Mad Hatter is great hazy that expertly leverages all the strengths of the style to cram maximum flavour into its modest alcohol weight.

Morningcider Strawberry Rosé

Apple cider has always been a welcoming base for all sorts of extra ingredients, and the added berries find themselves right at home in Morningcider’s Strawberry Rose

Garage Project Hatsukoi

What is it about Garage Project Hatsukoi, a Japanese Lager, that made it a New World Beer & Cider Awards Top-30 winner?