Garage Project Snug

Garage Project’s application of nitro tech could lead to very exciting things for dry stouts like this, as well as malt driven beers generally.  Snug is deeply roasty on the nose with burned malt, toasted coconut and mocha.  The palate has the full spectrum of malt flavour on blast, starting with sweet toffee and finishing all the way over in the bitterest black, which gradually burns off over the long finish.  Despite the intensity of flavour and ferocity of the bitterness, the body stays light and crisp.  Not just another Guinness-a-like, this handily beats the old Irish favorite in my opinion, having vastly more flavour with only a 0.8% hike in ABV compared with the Irish benchmark. 

Shining Peak Gung Ho! IPA

Shining Peak Gung Ho! Fresh Hop IPA sits firmly at the top of ‘Crafty’ Mark Gower’s fresh hop ratings for 2022.

Baylands Waifly 8 Fresh Hop IPA

Now in its eighth iteration, Baylands Waifly is a proven fresh hop classic and this year’s is one of the best

Parrotdog Bruce Hazy IPA

Parrotdog Bruce is everything you can hope for — nice upfront peach and tropical fruit flavours with a neat, dry finish.

Good George Cold IPA

For lager drinkers it could be way too hoppy, for IPA lovers it might be too light-bodied. But I’m starting to get Cold IPA.

Brothers Beer Modern Love West Coast IPA

Brothers Beer Modern Love IPA is one of the best showcases of focused citrus purity we’ve encountered this year.