“Seltzer” can be a bit of a dirty word in the beer industry. You don’t have to look far on social media to see alpha male beer jocks turning up their craft beer noses up at the thought these beverages – but it’s 2021, get with the times, or be left high and dry.

Garage Project announced their foray into seltzer through a summery video of co-founder Pete Gillespie soaking up the sun at a local Wellington beach. 

Not just one seltzer, however, but three, under the name Dirty Water. Each is actually a beer, made with grain, hops and yeast; albeit a super-clarified beer and made with sorghum rather than barley, so they’re gluten-free.

Lemon Lime, Raspberry Yuzu, and Pineapple Passion, released individually, and in a great mix six-pack with their bold funky can colours are brightening shelves across New Zealand.

So of course, I’m sucked into buying them because the weather is hot and the seltzers are cold. (Ed: No, seltzers are hot right now, LOL)

The first can I pulled out was the Pineapple Passion. Two flavours that work well together. Bubbly and beautiful, the refreshing burst of these tastes danced uncontrollably on my tongue with every sip. It’s very light, so easy to have a few and not feel too guilty.

The Raspberry Yuzu was my wife’s favourite and I’ve been saying for years that yuzu makes every beverage better, and it’s no lie when it comes to this seltzer. A simple berry barrage of flavour with the slightest hint of yuzu to mature up your palate, it’s well rounded and easy to drink. Perfect for the remaining days of summer.

Last, but not least is the Lemon Lime. This is also my favourite Fruit Burst flavour, so if you ever see me, please offer me one. I love them. And I loved this seltzer too. Not sour or overpowering, the subtleness of it all really flows from the can to the glass to my mouth. I’m sure a wedge of lemon or lime wouldn’t go amiss with this flavour either.

Don’t be put off my the seltzer wave. Embrace it. Beer isn’t just water, yeast, malt and hops anymore. It’s so much more. Or in the case of seltzer, so much less. But sometimes less is more … whatever, just try it.

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