Known for producing craftier, but still affordable six-packs, McCashin’s Brewery is now taking a similar approach to individual cans in the Legacy series.  Aside from the enticing price tag for this 5.9 per cent IPA, there was something that got my attention immediately: 500ml cans!  It proves there’s no logistical reason why I should be deprived of 60ml when craft beer goes from glass bottle to aluminium can.  But as ever, value alone can’t prop up a bad beer, so does this one have the chops? The nose on this certainly checks all the West Coast boxes, with grapefruit, apricot, rockmelon and gentle pine.  Pithy grapefruit is very dominant on the tongue, with a light but still reasonably chewy malt and a drying bitterness.  It might not have the rockstar razzle of a super-premium craft example, but it’s easily 90 per cent of the way there and at damn near half the price ($5.99) of a 440ml can (plus that 60ml extra) the value here is incredible. 

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