‘Tropical’ stout is one of the more esoteric beer styles.  Essentially a milk stout with more fruit character and higher strength, although much higher in this case (12 per cent ABV), taking it way into the imperial stratosphere.  Aromas of double chocolate icecream and fresh fruit salad, with rich and intense flavours of extra-dark chocolate and tinned peaches.  The massive body and rich flavours are brought to heed by a firm bitterness that slowly but surely fastens around the lengthy finish.  For those who love a dessert wine then think of this as desert stout.  Sharp cheese is strongly recommended.  

Trials tribulations and trophies

Tim Newman carries out a post-mortem on the trophy winners from the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards.

Wellington’s original craft brewpub turns 10

When it opened 10 years Fork & Brewer redefined the idea of a brewpub in Wellington, being the first in a wave of new establishments

Two shots and a pint: How the NZ beer industry joined the Covid health response

There are many ways to encourage Kiwis to embrace science and get vaccinated — but perhaps none quite as delicious and refreshing as these. Vera Alves reports In the “before times”, a beer label wasn’t a place where you’d expect to find a public health statement. But...

Searchlight’s Skater Grrrl label takes top prize

A pair of skateboarders trumped magical animals and Satan to give Queenstown’s Searchlight Brewing top prize in the annual GABS Label Design Awards. The winning entry was designed by Mikaela Merrilees, of Meraki Design Studio.

Deep Creek make splash with fruited sours

Deep Creek are the first New Zealand brewery to launch a range of beers with fruit added post-fermentation, a practice which has resulted in exploding cans in other parts of the world.

Instagram unfiltered

His handle is Hazzy_Hunter and he’s always chasing the newest hazy. Here he explains how to become a beer influencer.