Winner of the massive ‘Juicy/Hazy’ category at the 2021 Brewers Guild Awards, this full strength Hazy IPA (6.7 per cent ABV) from Waitoa Beer in Wellington is brewed with the new and aptly named ‘Vape’ yeast, tailored just for such beers.  True to its name, Afterglow bears an inviting golden luminosity that shines through the haze.  With some other strong hazies presenting as spoiled milk cut with dirty dishwater, I appreciate the attention to the aesthetic.  Sharp citrus, tropical fruit and drying green herbal notes on the heavily pungent nose, while a more subdued palate brings juicy green apple and pear along with grape and passionfruit.  Light bodied, rapid and refreshing; quick, precise and lithe on the palate  while maintaining that full-strength IPA oomph.

Photo: @_____dusty_____

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